Health Care in Panama – High Standards Yet Awesomely Affordable

If you’re wondering if it really is worth the trip to go to Panama for health care, then the answer to this question is YES! Health care in Panama is comparable to that in the US and Canada yet you only need to spend very little. It is a place where one can experience quality and dependable health care at a fraction of a cost. Here’s one story about a friend of mine who has experienced affordable health care in Panama.My friend needed two to three tooth implants so he went to a dentist in New Jersey who said that one tooth implant would cost him $4000+. He found this to be quite expensive so he let it pass for a while and joined a Panama relocation tour. He then found out about Panama’s medical tourism and decided to get his implants there. He was able to get it at $1200 for each tooth. That’s equivalent to about $5000 to $9000 savings even after airfare and hotel expenses.My friend was so pleased that he decided to also consult with a Panamanian doctor about his basil cell skin cancer. Previously, he went to a doctor in New Jersey who charged him $1200 for consultation and lab fees. He also underwent basil cell freezing in America to eight of his cell spots which further cost him about $100 per spot. My friend needed further treatment so he decided to go to Panama for basil cell freezing. The cost was only $100 for 25 dime to nickel spots that would have otherwise cost him $2500 in NJ. Thus, having medical treatment in Panama is really worth it even if you have to spend for airfare and hotel fees.When I talk to my American friends about the high standards of health care in Panama, the reaction is mostly of shock and disbelief. It’s like they picture the place as a backward third world country where voodoo practitioners abound and not the modern hospitals that I usually talk about. They can’t believe that Panama City alone has 14 hospitals where the standards can match those in America. The country’s Hospital Punta Pacifica (affiliated with the John Hopkins group of hospitals) is in fact the most state of the art and technologically advanced hospital in Central America. Other popular hospitals include Hospital Santo Tomas, Hospital Nacional and Clinica Hospital San Fernando.There are a lot of doctors in Panama who have earned their degrees from US universities like Harvard. These people are well-trained medical practitioners who compare favorably with US and Canadian doctors. The expertise of Panamanian physicians coupled with highly advanced medical technology has boosted Panama’s medical tourism and has become one of the reasons why many American expats retire in Panama.Health insurance is likewise very cheap in Panama as you can get it for as low as $60 per month. Doctor’s consultation, prescription medication and over the counter drugs are also priced affordably. You can consult with a highly trained specialist for as low as $10. Thus, you get a huge cut down on your medical expenses when you either choose to live in Panama or go there for medical treatment.Health care in Panama is so cheap at amazingly high standards. Yes Panama is still considered as a third world country yet it continues to accelerate positively. The country has a booming economy thanks to its famous Panama Canal where most of the action in trade and business takes place. Go to Panama and enjoy huge savings in health care. You not only give yourself a favor by getting big savings but also visit a country that’s truly worth seeing.

A New Health Care Insurance Policy

Some health care insurance companies, are nowadays grateful for their employee’s idea of dropping the client’s policies and cancel the payment for their health care medical expenses, admit recent investigations in health care insurance domain. Since this new policy, many other investigations started targeting all other health insurance companies.Moreover, another important change in health insurance policy is that, as many Americans accept the idea that, smokers should pay a larger sum of money for their health care insurance. Why? Simple: it is already known the fact that a smoker is more prone to danger than a person who has never smoked in his/her life.And the danger refers to health care medical issues, of course.This is also a way of determining as many people as possible to quit smocking.Health care insurance programs and medical health care issues have been concerning USA presidential candidates since always. Even Barack Obama the actual president of USA, has in plan to face the health care medical system, and improve it, by taking out all problems that are harming it. His perfect health care program would be the one covering all medical care expenses by the health insurance company. The estimated number of uninsured in USA, points out to 45 million, people who need to face the actual medical care insurance system. A first idea would be that, by raising health care insurance taxes for smokers, then the uninsured would have to pay less, since the smoker’s number is bigger than medical uninsured.The need for a reformation of health care system is obvious and it is one of the president’s main objectives, because after the economy, medical health care system, and insurance health care policy come second.Barack Obama is fighting to convince employers to determine Americans to share his new health care policy plan. His plan will require larger companies providing insurance to entire nation, and in return they will receive small tax credits for the medical care expenses.
Unfortunately many workers are still depending on their employers regarding health benefits, and the entire system is facing difficulties already. The numbers are concerning: 62.9% of Americans under the age 65 had “employer-based” coverage during 2007, falling from 68.3% during 2000. This indicates that instead of an improved situation in health care system, the evolution was tragical, meaning that thing have been getting worse and worse for the past 7 years.Experts and qualified persons, do not sympathise much the idea of eliminating the fee advantage for “employer-based” coverage which would only oblige younger workers to abandon their office plans. In this case, medical costs for the remaining employers would surely skyrocket. So it seems that MCCain’s idea could do more damage than good to the entire health care system.
On the other hand Barack Obama’s approach is extremely different. As said previously, the president wants to establish larger companies to provide “meaningful coverage” for their clients. In case they do not provide health care insurance, they would have no other option but to subsidize the entire cost of a national plan.

Time to Revive the Inner City Medical Clinics to Lower Health Care Costs

The current trajectory of healthcare costs in the United States is simply unsustainable. We are averaging between 5 to 8% year-over-year cost increases. The American people cannot afford increased insurance rates based on these costs, nor can the federal government continue to pay. If we don’t bring this under control we will lose the whole ship and as for Obama care; it’s finished. Okay so, what should we do about all this you ask?Well, I’m glad you asked, because I noted something rather unfortunate. I noticed that there are no longer all the inner-city health clinics there used to be, those places that often offered services for free, or at extremely low prices based on your ability to pay, and were mostly ran with volunteers. One of the reasons is the HIPPA requirements, which in order to comply require a huge investment in IT infrastructure, most of these inner-city clinics simply couldn’t afford it. Burdened by these regulations, they had no chance but to shut down or merge with a bigger hospital, or sellout.Now people with minor health issues, things that they need to take care of have no choice but to go to the regular hospital. Since they don’t have a primary doctors or anywhere to go now, they often wait until things are beyond their control, and show up at an emergency room. They don’t have healthcare insurance, the hospital must treat them for free, try to squeeze water out of a turnip, which simply will never happen, and those costs are added to the hospital’s already increasing costs; that on top of the lawsuits if they make a mistake, and they are not allowed to refuse treatment by law.Indeed, I’d say it’s time to revive these inner-city medical clinics to help lower health care costs. No, that’s not all I’d do, I would also reduce the regulations involved with nonprofit inner-city medical clinics. Get rid of the HIPPA requirement, but make sure that everyone working there understood the need for privacy in medical records. I would allow the data anonymized for use in future medical research without the names. I would reduce the amount that a lawyer is allowed to sue for medical malpractice at these nonprofit clinics – actually at all hospitals.If we did that, there would be fewer people seeking government run free healthcare which is going to add even more costs to the system in the future. This is one thing we can do to help people, real people in real cities, who really need healthcare attention, without overburdening our society with costs run by a giant and massive bureaucracy which has hijacked 20% of our GDP because that’s how big the healthcare industry is in the United States. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.